Greatest Animated Movies of All Times

Sometimes we just want to chill and watch a cool movie. Animated movies are the best to watch at such times. This is the list of 13 great animations of all time.

1. Inside Out


Blue Vista released this movie on 6/19/2015. The movie features young Riley who is transferred from Midwest to San Francisco. Guided by her emotions, Riley has to adapt to the new environment.


2. Snow White and Seven Dwarfs


Disney released this movie on 12/21/1937. It remains to be one of the best-animated movies to date. Snow White goes into hiding with the Seven Dwarfs because of the evil Queen pursuit. Snow White, with a skin that looks like she uses tea tree oil for breakouts, is later poisoned but is rescued by the prince with a kiss.


3. Coco


Miguel, who is a 12-year old aspiring artist, goes to the Land of the Dead to look for his great-great-grandfather who was a popular musician.


4. Finding Nemo


Released by Buena Vista on 05/30/2003, Finding Nemo features a father clownfish who goes into adventure as he searches for his son. Nemo was taken into a fish tank from the Great Barrier Reef.


5. Pinocchio


Disney released this movie on 02/09/1940. Its tale is about Pinocchio, a puppet who wants to become a boy. However, Pinocchio has to prove his worth by showing brevity, honesty, and generosity.


6. Finding Dory


The Amnesiac fish Dory remembers that her family must be looking for her after she gets lost. In this adventure, Dory is caught up and put in a public aquarium and Marlin and Nemo has to save her.


7. Shaun the Sheep Movie


Lionsgate released this movie. It features Shaun the sheep who plans to get a day off by making the farmer sleep in the caravan. The unexpected happens and the caravan rolls away into the big city. After getting a blow on his head, the farmer gets an amnesia and Shaun and his flock has to get the farmer back.


8. How to Train Your Dragon


A young Viking has to hunt and arrest dragons that started befriending his tribe. He does this to prove his worth.




This movie is set in the near future and features a waste collecting robot that finds a new way of life after meeting EVE. EVE is a sleek search robot who has the key to save planet earth.


10. Moana

Moana was released on 02/07/2014. Moana who is a chief’s daughter is chosen by the ocean to rejoin the goddess. She sets to find Maui who is a demigod of the sea and wind in a mission to save her people.


11. The Lego Movie


This movie features Emmet who is an ordinary construction worker at Lego. He is thought to be a special type who will save Lego from the evil tyrant.


12. Toy Story


This movie is about toys that are alive. Woody, who is a pull-string cowboy, has to compete with Buzz Lightyear. Lightyear is the newest toy.


13. Up


This movie was released by Buena Vista. It features Carl Fredricksen who is a 78-year-old adventurer. He fulfills his dream of traveling to Paradise falls by using a house that is tied with balloons. Russell, who is a wilderness explorer joins him.