Bridal Shower Beverages



To add on to our post yesterday about bridal and baby shower food, we’ve come up with a list of delicious drink ideas for your fete. Cheers!

Drink ideas
Mimosa Buffet
: This is great for a brunch shower. Grab your favorite type of bubbly and a bunch of juice mixers. Guests can mix their own. Don’t forget pretty fruits like raspberries and blueberries to drop in the bottom of the glass.
Bloody Mary Buffet: Another delicious brunch option, just like your favorite restaurants provide.
Lemonade stations: Blueberry, Mint, Raspberry, Limeade, Arnold Palmers, and Electric Lemonade are refreshing options for a summer shower.
Hot Cocoa Bar: Provide a few types of rich hot chocolate and mix-ins galore. Experiment with chocolate shavings, whipped cream, mint flavoring, raspberry liquor, homemade marshmallows.
Coffee Station: Similar to the hot cocoa bar, the coffee station lets guests play around with their favorite caffienated beverage! Don’t forget the Bailey’s and fresh cream.