Is B&B Hiring?



The first in our series of Blush & Bashful’s frequently asked questions is…”Are you hiring?”

We get countless emails, letters, resumes, and inquiries on our website from college students, recent grads, former brides, wedding enthusiasts, and people just looking for a “fun” career (more on that tomorrow). Everyone wants to know if we’re hiring and if we are, how they can get a piece of the wedding planning pie.

Unfortunately, we just cannot respond immediately to all of the interested parties. We’re so sorry! But, patience pays off. If you don’t mind waiting for a response, you may just get invited to take part in our wedding day internship program.

I guess the short answer to this question is…No. We’re not hiring at the moment. But, keep sending us your letters and emails. We’re looking forward to getting back to you at the start of Wedding Season 2009!