Planning a Bridal Shower



Often, the all of the bridesmaids will get together and throw a Bridal Shower for the Blushing Bride-to-Be. But, if you’ve ever traveled/lived/gone out with with a group of girls, you know how difficult it can be to please everyone. I’ve come up with a few tips and ideas for managing a large group of hostesses so your favorite engaged friend feels like a queen.

1) Elect a leader to keep track of communications among the group. Otherwise everyone will be overwhelmed with emails and ideas!

2) Set a budget early so there are no surprises in the end. Get input from everyone in the group about what they can afford.

3) Give each hostess a task, or ask what she’d like to contribute to the efforts.

4) There are three ways to divvy up expenses: a) Have everyone purchase something that is about equal in price or b) Keep track of receipts. Have someone figure out how much each contributor spent. Those who paid less, give money to those who paid more. c) Have one person purchase everything and let the others pay her back later.

5) Be flexible and open to everyone’s ideas. Remember that this isn’t a party for you. It’s for your mutual friend!

Do you have any other ideas about planning a bridal shower with a group of women? If so, let me know! I’d love to add a few more tips to the list.

Best wishes,

Bluefly Goes Bridal



Our favorite online shopping destination,, has introduced a new feature: The Wedding Shop. Bridesmaids, Mothers of the Bride, and Groomsmen can find the perfect thing for the big day in the “I’m In It” section. There are also adorable shoes and and bags as well as honeymoon clothing and gifts items for the couple. Expect to get the same discounted designer names that Bluefly is known for. This isn’t a bargain site, but if you are just dying to have your bridesmaids with you in Vera Wang or Amsale, The Wedding Shop is a great place to look.

Guests can score trendy wedding-friendly dresses, suits, and gifts in the “I’m Invited” section. If you are unsure of what to wear to a particular type of wedding, sort by black tie, civil ceremony, semi-formal, or destination wedding to get Bluefly-approved ideas.

I’m dying to wear this Vera Wang jersey dress to my friend’s wedding in April:

Vera Wang Canary
Matte Jersey Dress