CS Brides page 267



The Spring/Summer 2009 CS Brides Magazine is at the newsstands and free newsboxes throughout the city. Pick up your copy today! Flip to page 267 and check out our beautiful advertisement–right across from the handy Wedding Planner Quick Guide.

We’re so excited to be a part of this sophisticated and exclusive publication. Not to shortchage the value of our full planning services, but CS Brides is the ultimate Chicago wedding planning resource. It is full of top-notch wedding professionals and beautiful editorial pieces. I am delighted that Chicago has such a wonderful magazine with inspiration straight from our beloved city. I mean, you can only look at so many pictorials of weddings in Nantucket and Napa in the national publications!

Our ad looks incredible. Thank you so much Lynda! Lynda Junge, the stylish genius behind Greenstar Creative, designed the ad for us. She’s a rockstar. Check out her website full of gorgeous handmade stationery and custom invitations! You may remember her from a certain amazing piece of press she received in the Fall…the Daily Candy Wedding Edition! We can’t say enough about Greenstar Creative. Please, please give Lynda a call before you settle on a boring invitation from the book at your tuxedo shop.