Bridal Shower Eats



I’ve come up with a list of fabulous food for your Bridal Shower. We’ve done all of these within my group of friends, and they were each a big hit! (You could also use these ideas for Baby Showers.)

Food Options
Waffle or pancake action station: Borrow waffle makers or electric skillets and serve with tons of toppings: fruit, chocolate chips, real maple syrup, whipped cream, nuts, ice cream
Cupcake Buffets: Make your own or purchase from one of our local cupcake superstars, Sweet Mandy B’s, Swirlz, Sugar Bliss, or Molly’s Cupcakes. Arrange on our cute cupcake holders and serve with a dry champagne.
Mediterranean: Serve your guests a spread of pitas and falafel with hummus, tabouleh, chicken schwerma, stuffed grape leaves, baba ghannoug. Yum!
Pasta Party: Make a bunch of types of pasta and sauces. Let the guests mix and match to create their favorite combinations. Don’t forget plenty of wine!
Panini Station: Borrow some panini makers from friends and bring all of your favorite fixins for the smashed sammies. Include homemade breads from Red Hen or Panera for extra deliciousness.
Tea Party: Have all of the hostesses bring their favorite tea pot and tea. Make crustless sandwiches with cucumber, cream cheese, and other English treats. Get scones from Tipsy Cake in Humbolt Park.
Wine and Cheese: For a casual shower later in the day, this is a great option. Talk to Tracy at Provenance for the perfect pairings.
Kid’s Food: Mac and Cheese, Ants on a Log, Chocolate Chip cookies and milk, PB&J without crust, and chicken fingers would make adorable food for a baby shower.
Local Favorites: Hit up the farmer’s market for the freshest ingredients. This is a great addition to a “Green Shower.”Her favorite restaurant: If it is within reason, have her favorite restaurant cater the shower. She’ll be so excited!


Bridal Shower Checklist



I found a great, all-inclusive Bridal Shower Checklist on Target’s website to share with you for the first post in our series about throwing a fabulous Bridal Shower. If you don’t have the perfect location yet, call us  at (773) 687-8834. We would love you show you our Pink Door Event Studio!

3+ Months Before

  • Talk to the bride to get a feel for what kind of shower she’d like.
  • See if friends, family or bridesmaids would like to help.
  • Consult with the bride to set the date and create the guest list.
  • Call VIP guests (his mom and hers, the wedding party and grandparents) to see if there are any scheduling conflicts.
  • Have coffee with co-hosts to brainstorm ideas, choose a theme and determine a budget.
  • Make a to-do list, then divide and conquer.
  • Make a list of all possible locations and call to check on availability.

2 Months Before

  • Give guests (especially out-of-towners) a heads-up “save the date” e-mail or phone call.
  • Confirm reservations for your location.
  • Firm up your game plan for table linens, decorations, menu, favors and activities.
  • Finalize addresses for the guest list.
  • Order invites or purchase materials to make them.
  • Have co-hosts over to sip wine and assemble invites (don’t forget the Club Wedd shower inserts).
  • Remind the bride to make sure she has enough items on her registry.

1 Month Before

  • Drop-dead date for mailing out invites.
  • If guests have offered to bring something, call to confirm specifics.
  • Order deli trays, cakes and specialty foods, and rent any necessary catering equipment.
  • Go shopping for decorations, paper goods, party favors, prizes, etc.
  • Make a mix CD or MP3 playlist of songs that match your theme to play during the shower.

2+ Weeks Before

  • Order the flowers.
  • While you’re picking up last-minute items at Target, purchase your shower gift for the bride.
  • Make a shopping list for all the drinks, eats and treats you’ll need to get the week of the party. If you’re planning to use hard-to-find ingredients, get them now.
  • Pick up any CDs, cake stands or serving platters that friends are graciously lending.

1 Week Before

  • Confirm everything—who’s coming, who’s not, reservations, orders, deliveries, etc.
  • Wrap your gift and game prizes.
  • Assemble shower games and favors.
  • Pick up shower groceries.
  • Make sure you’ll have enough seats and tables.


  • Make any dishes you can in advance—or, at the very least, do the prep work.
  • Set up tables and decorate.
  • Check in with co-hosts. Confirm what they’re bringing and see if they can come early to help.
  • While you’re out picking up the food and flowers you ordered, get any other last-minute must-haves.


  • Cook and prepare all the food and drinks.
  • Arrange your flowers and set out the food.
  • If the shower is at another location, arrive early to take care of details and decorate.
  • Assign people to take pictures, and make a list of who gave what gift to the bride.
  • Pour yourself a drink and have some fun!

Bridal Shower Season!



As Wedding Season draws near, another glorious time of year is upon us…Bridal Shower Season!

This week, we’ll be talking about the most boring of all of the pre-wedding parties. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! Bridal Showers have come a long way from the yawn-fest in Aunt Edna’s plastic covered sitting room.

Stay tuned for ideas and updates on the Bridal Shower Tradition. Don’t forget that you can host your BFF’s shower at our fabulous Pink Door Event Studio!


Guest Attire



This post was inspired by a conversation I overheard at a shower we hosted this weekend. (Email me about hosting your small social event at our Pink Door Studio) Everyone involved in the conversation had a story about a female wedding guest wearing white to a wedding. Each dress sounded more outrageous than the last. It seemed to me that our dear female guests could use a little refresher in dressing for a wedding!

Ladies, please! It is totally inappropriate to wear white to a wedding. No matter how hot the color is in any particular season, you should leave the white (ivory, cream, magnolia, old lace, etc.) dress for the bride. This includes dresses with a pattern that is heavily white, as well as dresses that are of an interesting white texture or fabric. I would err on the safe side and rule out any pale, pale color as well.

The same goes for dresses that are too sexy or bright. A reception is not a nightclub! Often, you’ll be going to a place of worship. If you are wearing something that would make your grandmother blush, please change. Wear that type of thing to the bachelorette party!

Traditionally, black garments have been a wedding guest no-no, as well. However, in the day and age of the LBD (little black dress), I think it’s perfectly fine. Just be sure to accessorize in a festive manner!

Shoes are another thing that ladies need to rethink. Under very, very few circumstances is it ok to wear tall (knee) boots with a dress at a formal wedding. Shoes with clear plastic heels are another issue. People often purchase them thinking they “match” any dress, but they end up looking cheap (sorry!). Sky-high heels are also difficult to manage after a few drinks. Walking around barefoot is common during dancing, but I prefer seeing guests who can make it the entire event wearing their shoes.

Happy Dressing!