Guest Attire



This post was inspired by a conversation I overheard at a shower we hosted this weekend. (Email me about hosting your small social event at our Pink Door Studio) Everyone involved in the conversation had a story about a female wedding guest wearing white to a wedding. Each dress sounded more outrageous than the last. It seemed to me that our dear female guests could use a little refresher in dressing for a wedding!

Ladies, please! It is totally inappropriate to wear white to a wedding. No matter how hot the color is in any particular season, you should leave the white (ivory, cream, magnolia, old lace, etc.) dress for the bride. This includes dresses with a pattern that is heavily white, as well as dresses that are of an interesting white texture or fabric. I would err on the safe side and rule out any pale, pale color as well.

The same goes for dresses that are too sexy or bright. A reception is not a nightclub! Often, you’ll be going to a place of worship. If you are wearing something that would make your grandmother blush, please change. Wear that type of thing to the bachelorette party!

Traditionally, black garments have been a wedding guest no-no, as well. However, in the day and age of the LBD (little black dress), I think it’s perfectly fine. Just be sure to accessorize in a festive manner!

Shoes are another thing that ladies need to rethink. Under very, very few circumstances is it ok to wear tall (knee) boots with a dress at a formal wedding. Shoes with clear plastic heels are another issue. People often purchase them thinking they “match” any dress, but they end up looking cheap (sorry!). Sky-high heels are also difficult to manage after a few drinks. Walking around barefoot is common during dancing, but I prefer seeing guests who can make it the entire event wearing their shoes.

Happy Dressing!


Bluefly Goes Bridal



Our favorite online shopping destination,, has introduced a new feature: The Wedding Shop. Bridesmaids, Mothers of the Bride, and Groomsmen can find the perfect thing for the big day in the “I’m In It” section. There are also adorable shoes and and bags as well as honeymoon clothing and gifts items for the couple. Expect to get the same discounted designer names that Bluefly is known for. This isn’t a bargain site, but if you are just dying to have your bridesmaids with you in Vera Wang or Amsale, The Wedding Shop is a great place to look.

Guests can score trendy wedding-friendly dresses, suits, and gifts in the “I’m Invited” section. If you are unsure of what to wear to a particular type of wedding, sort by black tie, civil ceremony, semi-formal, or destination wedding to get Bluefly-approved ideas.

I’m dying to wear this Vera Wang jersey dress to my friend’s wedding in April:

Vera Wang Canary
Matte Jersey Dress

Genius: Gowns with Pockets



Have you seen the latest ad campaign from Amsale? It features the chicest gown I’ve ever seen with the bonus of POCKETS! What a brilliant idea. Not that you need pockets on your wedding day when you have a B&B coordinator there to carry your kleenex and lip gloss…but pockets just make everything cuter. And, if you are shy, it gives you something to do with your hands when you’re not carrying your bouquet.

Check it out:

Amsale’s Gorgeous
Gown with Pockets

Here’s the beautifully simple front:

Amsale’s Gorgeous
Gown with Pockets

Leanne, winner of Project Runway’s Season Five, created an amazing pocketed wedding gown for a challenge. I loved it immediately!

Leanne’s Pocketed
Wedding Gown